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Ageing is a process that begins as soon as we are born. It is a process of cumulative cellular damage that speeds up as we get older, and causes a number of factors such as free radical damage, decrease in collagen and elastin production and a reduction in blood flow to the skin.

These factors result in the visible signs of ageing that we all know so well: fine lines; wrinkles; sunken eyes; volume loss to the lips and cheeks; grey, lacklustre skin…

What is anti-ageing?

There is nothing we can do to stop the ageing process, however there are now ways to slow it down and even to reverse some of the damage that has already been done, to keep us looking younger for longer. We can do this either through cosmetic medical treatments or through surgical injections of adipose skin cells.

Don’t wait too long before embarking on your London anti-ageing treatment course – the earlier you start, the more damage can be prevented. You can also make a big difference at home, by thinking about the products you use on your skin and the nutrients you put into your body.

Our body cells are being continuously renewed and they need the right nutrients to keep us healthy and balanced – by using toxic products or consuming nutritionally poor food and drink, you can actually speed up the ageing process.

What treatments are available to slow down the ageing process?

Dr Roger Amar offers a number of London anti-ageing treatments, but perhaps the most popular is his patented FAMI technique, which creates facial rejuvenation using your own adipose skin cells. Dr Amar always recommends that alongside any anti-ageing treatments, you follow a healthy diet, exercise and home skincare regime, to boost the effects of the treatment and help to slow down the ageing process.

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