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The eye area is one of the first areas to show the signs of ageing, particularly the lower part of the eyes. Volume is lost underneath the eyes and cheeks, so our cheeks flatten and hollows appear and the tear trough deepens. Often women find that the shape of their eyes change and the much desired almond-shape to the eye disappears. This is further compounded by hollowing of the temples.

Experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr Roger Amar found that surgical eyelid surgery, which works by removing excess skin and ‘pulling’ up the remaining skin, was not correcting these common ageing problems and, in fact, eliminating the important fat structure under the lower eyelid could actually make the eye area age more rapidly.

Dr Roger Amar had developed the FAMI procedure, where stem and fat cells were injected deep into the facial muscles for an effective facial rejuvenation. He found that this technique worked particularly well in the area of the eyes and cheeks.

The tear trough effect is reversed making the eyes appear bright and animated, cheeks appear more full and youthful, the temporal hollows are filled and the beautiful almond-shape to the eyes is restored.

Quick guide

  • Anaesthetic: local anaesthetic, with or without intravenous sedation
  • Time of intervention: 1.5 hours
  • Time in hospital: day case
  • Problems: minimal possible risks
  • Swelling: 1-2 weeks
  • Recuperation: return to work after 5 days
  • Final result: 1-2 months

Am I suitable for a Bleph21 procedure?

The Bleph21 procedure is suited for men and women who are seeing ageing changes to the lower eyelid area related to volume loss in the eye and cheek area. It is not suitable for those that have sagging skin and muscle laxity on the brow or upper eyelid area; for these patients a non surgical brow lift or upper eyelid lift is probably the best option but Dr Amar can advise you at your London Bleph21 consultation.

It is possible to combine the Bleph21 with upper eyelid surgery. Dr Amar will make an tiny incision in the upper eyelid and excise  2 mm of loose skin, to restore the normal fold and achieve a more youthful look. This is a simple extension to the operation with little downtime (2 days).

What can I expect during my Bleph21 procedure?

Your Bleph21 procedure will be performed in clinic, under local anaesthetic. There is no downtime and you will be able to return home immediately after the procedure. Fat is removed from one part of the body where it is unwanted and centrifuged before the combination of fat SVF (stromal vascular fraction)  and adult stem cells are injected into the bony frame and the muscular structure surrounding the eyes, using cannulas that have been specially designed to work with the facial anatomy.

Are there any possible complications associated with Bleph21 surgery?

The follow up of  Bleph21 is uneventful and complications associated with Bleph21 surgery are minimal, Blepharoplasty particularly in relation to surgical lower lid surgery cannot be compared.

Dr Amar has been performing the Bleph21 for ten years with no post operative incidents, and beautiful, natural results is the rule.

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