As former supermodel Cindy Crawford hits the big 5-0 next year, her dazzling looks and enviable physique prove that age is nothing but a number. For the past three decades the fashion model and business woman has been an icon to many as she continues to look fantastic.

It’s clear that the ageless beauty takes care of herself by eating well, exercising and looking after her skin. She says “Do all the stuff we know: Don’t smoke, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, find what makes you happy.” She adds I don’t want to look in the mirror every day and be down on myself,” she explained. “Look, I’m holding together pretty good, but I don’t look like I did when I was 25 or 30 or even 40.”

Following many requests from his patients, Dr. Roger Amar analysed Cindy Crawford’s ageing process- and even for those not familiar with facial anatomy, it makes interesting reading!

Dr. Roger Amar highlights how the model has got the better of time for many years, thanks to her healthy lifestyle. However, the signs of ageing are beginning to show with the first according to the Doctor, being the masculinisation of her face. Dr. Amar notes that it is a normal change in the ageing process of some women who tend to experience ‘a widening of the jaws or cheekbones falling over time, gradually taking on features similar to those of a man.’

The specialist explains the change undergone by the facial contour with time. “In youth, the woman has a contour in the shape of an inverted triangle, with the forehead as the base and the chin as the tip, but over the years, it becomes a trapezoid: the jaw widens, the cheekbones protrude less , etc.”

Dr. Amar describes this phenomenon as the “maturity trapezoid,” a natural physical alteration in women over 40 and which, as expected, has also come to Cindy Crawford.

To this we must add the natural erosion of the facial bone, causing muscle strain and subsequent loss of relief in the face, which flattens over time. In this situation, a facelift may not be able to combat the effects. The best alternative for an ageing face is a procedure that is able to heal from the inside, and this can only be achieved with the injection of stem cells from their own fat. Dr. Roger Amar discovered this 15 years ago when he created the FAMI technique, a non-surgical procedure that can restore the youthful triangular outline, repairing ageing tissues, muscles and facial bones.

The FAMI technique is the perfect alternative to give back the model the fresh appearance she had years ago. “With stem cell injections from her own fat, the FAMI technique

Cindy Crawford FAMI technique

Cindy Crawford and FAMI technique

could lift the cheekbones, fill the temporary pits, restore the muscular support of her eyes, erase the bags, make the mouth and chin symmetrical, and raise her eyebrows, among other things”, explains Dr. Amar. This method would allow the model to go back in time, without having to go under the knife, or resort to other alternatives such as Botox injections which when abused can accelerate ageing. Whatever she does, there is no doubt that Cindy Crawford will remain one of the most stunning figures on the international fashion scene.