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There have been major advancements made in non-surgical treatments for eyelid appearance. Volume loss is now recognised as the primary cause of an older-looking face, especially where the eyes are concerned. Dark circles become visible because the surrounding tissue has thinned out, and reduced volume in the eyelid area creates loose skin that makes us look hollow and tired.

At the London FAMI Clinic, our goal is to restore youth and fullness to your eyelids. The non-surgical eyelid lifts carried out at our London surgery returns that volume rapidly. Dark circles disappear and the loose skin on both the upper and lower eyelids fills up, which also lifts the brow and restores its former shape and position. The ‘tear trough effect’ is corrected, making your eyes appear brighter and more energetic.

You will see results quickly, and the procedure itself is virtually pain-free.


Bleph21, developed by Dr Amar to correct lower eyelid changes caused by volume loss in the eye and cheek areas, removes fat from one area of your body, centrifuges it, and combines it with adult stem cells, which are injected into the muscular structure around your eyes.

This natural form of eyelid surgery is performed in our London clinic under local anaesthetic, and no recuperation period is necessary. Once you’re done, you’re able to return home immediately. When compared to the risks associated with traditional eyelid surgery, any potential complications are minimal.

Bleph21 will not correct loose, sagging skin or muscles on the upper eyelid or brow. These conditions are best corrected with an upper eyelid lift or brow lift. During your initial consultation Dr Amar will examine you and recommend the most effective treatment for your particular situation. In many instances Bleph21 may be combined with upper eyelid surgery to give your entire eye area a bright and youthful look.

Am I a suitable candidate for eyelid surgery?

If you are healthy (e.g. no serious eye problems or a medical condition that could impair healing), have a positive outlook, and have specific, realistic goals in mind for your eyelid rejuvenation, you are an ideal candidate.

How does non-surgical eyelid lifting work?

The eye lifts performed at our London location do not involve knives, an operating theatre, or downtime. FAMI, which was developed by Dr Amar, is a next-generation, innovative anti-ageing procedure that restores missing volume to your eyelids using a combination of your own fat and stem cells. Because stem cells keep reproducing, your new and improved appearance can last indefinitely.

This minimally invasive eyelid lift is also an option for patients who have undergone a surgical eyelid lift earlier and been left with hollowed-out eyelids as a result. This hollowness, which can also be seen in younger patients who have lost volume in their lower lid and upper cheek areas, adds years to your appearance, but fortunately our FAMI treatment can improve it, restoring your eyes to a more youthful and attractive state.

Contact us today and schedule a consultation. Many patients have been thrilled with the results of their eyelid surgery in London, and we invite you to join them.

Are there any possible complications associated with non-invasive eyelid surgery?

The complications associated with our non-invasive eyelid surgery are minimal, especially when compared to potential problems connected to traditional surgical procedures. There may be slight bruising or swelling around the injection sites, but it soon disappears.

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