FAMI Facelift Case Study Five

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Before FAMI/After FAMI

London non-surgical facelift for men
The ageing process has resulted in a great deal of volume loss, leading to marked folds in the cheeks and deep lines around the eyes. FAMI non-surgical facelift is a particularly effective treatment for men, softening these marks of the ageing process and restoring volume in a natural way.

Profile Before FAMI/Profile After FAMI

Stem cell and fat grafting for men

Ageing changes can result in the face looking hard. The FAMI technique not only restores lost volume it also, over time, improves the quality of the skin, providing an all-over rejuvenation that looks completely natural.

Before FAMI/After FAMI

Natural facelift with stem cells

Dr Roger Amar believes the greatest change here is achieved in the eye area.


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