FAMI Facelift Case Study Four

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Before FAMI/After a full FAMI Facelift

FAMI Facelift to reverse all signs of ageing

This patient had lost much of the depth and volume of the face and there was noticeable sagging in the lower face and hollowing out of the cheeks. The FAMI technique employed by Dr Roger Amar at the London FAMI Clinic has totally reversed the hollowing in the cheeks and lifted the area around the mouth.

Before FAMI/After FAMI

Bleph 21 effect of the FAMI technique
This detailed picture showing the eye and cheek area clearly illustrates how the FAMI technique reverses the effects of the ageing process. The cheeks and the temporal hollows at the temple have been filled, recreating the facial shape associated with youth.

Patient at Younger Age/Before FAMI Procedure

Natural Facelift Results

At 32 the patient had not yet started to see any changes associated with ageing. At 54, her facial shape has completely altered, leaving her looking gaunt with sagging, drooping skin.

Patient in 30s/Patient One Year After FAMI Procedure


London FAMI facelift results

This is another picture of the patient when younger – in her thirties – and the after picture is taken a year after her FAMI facelift, when the patient is in her mid-fifties. Clearly illustrating how FAMI stem cell facelift can help you regain your youthful beauty.

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