FAMI Facelift Case Study Six

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Before FAMI/After FAMI

FAMI facelift results

Overtime the patient has lost fat and bone structure and the muscles have slackened. The skin then starts to sag which is most evident in the creation of jowls and around the eyes. With FAMI, Dr Roger Amar is able to restore facial tissues and the bone and muscular structure of the face. This repositioning in the mid-face has a profound impact on the face as a whole.

Before FAMI/After FAMI

FAMI natural facelift procedure results for London patient

Prior to her FAMI procedure, the patient displayed deep expression marks when she smiled. After her FAMI procedure these have almost totally disappeared.

Profile Before FAMI/Profile After FAMI

FAMI Procedure  profile

This profile picture shows the patient three months after her FAMI procedure and illustrates the improvement in overall skin quality.

Before FAMI/After Six Months

Fami results after six months

After six months, you can see that the facial rejuvenation results are stable and, in fact, are continuing to improve.

Non-Surgical Eye Rejuvenation Before/After

Non-surgical eye rejuvenation with FAMI

This close-up shows the marked improvement in the cheek and eye area. This is not possible with a surgical eyelid lift.

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