FAMI Facelift Case Study Two

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Before FAMI/Six Months After FAMI

London FAMI Clinic non-surgical facelift

This patient had seen loss of bone and muscle over time that had resulted in premature ageing. The FAMI technique returned volume and depth, as well as softening expression lines to achieve an overall rejuvenating effect to the face.

Before FAMI/Six Months After FAMI

Profile picture showing lost volume replaced with FAMI
This profile before and after illustrates the deep expression lines that had formed around the patient’s mouth and the marked eye bags, as skin has sagged over time. FAMI has dealt with the trough between the eye area and cheek and softened the lines around the mouth.

Before FAMI/Two Years After FAMI

FAMI non-surgical facelift to combat muscle and bone loss

These before and afters show the continual improvement with FAMI non-surgical facelift over time. This woman presented with a gaunt face, that showed deep ageing folds around the mouth and hollows under the eyes. Two years after a full FAMI facelift, lost volume has been restored, particularly around the mouth and lower face, and there has been a marked improvement in the quality of her skin.

Patient at Young Age/Patient at First FAMI Consultation

FAMI fat grafting for lost volume

At the London FAMI Clinic, we aim to make you look like a younger you not someone completely different which can sometimes happen with surgical facelifting techniques. Dr Roger Amar used this picture of the patient at 30 as a template for the FAMI facial restoration he was aiming to achieve. Over time, facial shapes change from a youthful triangular shape to a more rectangular shape as bone, muscle and fat is lost in the temporal and cheek area.

Patient Aged 30/Patient After FAMI

FAMI natural facelift brings restores a youthful look to the face

These pictures clearly illustrate that FAMI restores youthful softness, volume and vitality to the face. These pictures show the patient at aged 30 and then at 42 after her FAMI procedure.

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