One reason many patients give for coming to see us at the London FAMI Clinic is that they want to look younger, but without looking ‘done’. These days, Botox, fillers and surgical facelifts are so prevalent among celebrities that we all know the tell-tale signs to look out for and London FAMI Clinic patients want a treatment that offers a really natural-looking alternative.

Why does FAMI give such a natural effect?

Although it has long been known that loss of volume is a key factor in an ageing appearance, many of the solutions offered before now have involved replacing lost volume with a synthetic alternative, and usually in a part of the face where the practitioner thinks volume should be added.

With FAMI, adult stem cells harvested from your own fat are injected deep into the muscular tissue of the face. This means that FAMI works with your facial anatomy to restore volume to the areas where it once was, so that you look as you once did – not as someone else thinks you should look.

Why London FAMI Clinic?

Because Dr Roger Amar pioneered this non-surgical facelift technique, and only practitioners personally trained by Dr Amar are able to perform FAMI. When you come to see us at London FAMI Clinic, Dr Amar himself will perform a thorough consultation to assess the anatomy of your face and decide whether you are a candidate for FAMI.

Dr Amar is an expert in facial anatomy and knows the precise position to inject the stem cells in order to achieve the most natural anti-ageing effect possible. He knows that every patient is an individual and will listen to your personal ageing concerns before deciding whether FAMI is the right procedure for you.

For more information or to book a consultation with Dr Amar at London FAMI Clinic, please contact us.