Here at London FAMI Clinic, we are frequently asked by potential patients what the difference is between the FAMI non-surgical facelift and more traditional fat grafting techniques, which are often presented as a natural facelift alternative.

Quality not quantity

The key difference between the FAMI facelift and other fat grafting procedures is that with FAMI we are not just injecting quantities of fat just beneath the skin where volume is lacking, but processing that fat so that it contains more adult stem cells, and injecting it deep into the musculature of the face.

Gradual improvement

With fat grafting, you can achieve a dramatic increase in volume quite quickly, but not all the fat cells will survive, so this increase may well be only temporary. With the FAMI facelift, because the fat and stem cells are injected into the muscles of the face, they have a much higher chance of survival, so the results will not just be immediate, but will continue to improve over time.

Preserve your natural look

Fat grafting relies upon the doctor performing it to decide where best to inject the fat and restore volume to the face. When done correctly – using photographs from when you were younger and analysing the structure of your face – this can of course be very effective.

Often, however, it results in volume being added where it never was before, which leaves patients looking not so much younger as like a different person altogether as the FAMI non-surgical facelift results show.

The FAMI natural facelift technique works with the musculature structure of your face, to ensure that volume is restored to the places from which it has been lost, so you end up looking like a younger, more attractive version of yourself, and no one needs to know you have had anything done at all.