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FAMI is a truly advanced and innovative anti-ageing procedure that provides a beautifully natural non-surgical facelift, producing long-lasting results without the need to resort to the scalpel or the needle.

Leading French plastic surgeon Dr Roger Amar originated the FAMI technique in 1997, when he took the basic proponents of fat grafting to develop a procedure that produced better results with none of the associated problems. FAMI has now become such a respected anti-ageing procedure that it has earned its place in Wikipedia.

Dr Roger Amar injects a combination of fat and adult stem cells; these stem cells provide one of the keys to FAMI’s longevity.

Using his unparalleled knowledge of facial anatomy, Dr Roger Amar places the mixture of fat and stem cells deep into the facial muscles and under the periosteum. This has two main benefits; the re-injected adult stem cells can start to redevelop the lost bone and muscular tissue that provides the support and structure of the face, thereby achieving a truly natural, internal facelift.

By injecting deep into the dermis, there is also no need to ‘overcorrect’ as practitioners commonly do with superficial fat transfer techniques, expecting some of the transplanted fat cells to disappear in the period directly after the procedure. Dr Amar only places exactly what is needed, where it is needed, citing the ‘wyswyg’ motto: ‘what you see is what you’ll get’.

Quick guide

Anaesthetic: local anaesthetic
Time of intervention: 1-3 hours
Time in hospital: no overnight stay
Problems: minimal possible side effects
Swelling: slight swelling and bruising
Recuperation: none
Final result: immediate, but continued improvement over next 6 months

Am I suitable for a FAMI procedure?

The natural progression of the ageing face, is to lose volume, in the form of fat, muscle and bone tissue, in key areas around the eyes and temples and in the mid-face. This loss of volume, combined with sagging of the skin and muscles means that the temples become hollow, the cheeks appear flat and sunken, a marked line is created between the eyes and cheeks, folds appear around the mouth and nose and the jawline and neck become obscured and less defined.

FAMI is able to target all these ageing concerns in a way that surgical facial surgery is not able to. It does not produce a ‘lifted’ or ‘mask’ appearance, but aims to make you look like a younger you again by recreating the youthful proportions to the face; the much desired almond-eye shape is restored, the forehead and temples are broadened, the cheekbones become more prominent and there is an overall improvement to the skin quality.

FAMI is also very effective in correcting any facial or body defects after previous surgery.

What can I expect during my FAMI procedure?

Although the FAMI facelift is technically challenging for the practitioner, necessitating a deep and profound knowledge of facial anatomy, it is very straightforward procedure for the patient.

Both stages of the FAMI procedure are performed under local anaesthetic in our luxurious out-patient clinic. First, the necessary fatty tissue is removed from another part of the body with gentle lipo-biopsy, before it is processed in a centrifuge to isolate the adipose stem cells.

These are then grafted in the face or other part of the body using specially designed cannulas, providing lift and shape without the need for an incision or damage to other tissues.

Are there any possible complications associated with FAMI?

There is a very low risk of adverse problems with FAMI facelifting. As these are your own tissues, which are carefully purified, before being re-injected, there is no chance of an allergic reaction.

There are no incisions, so many of the complications associated with surgical procedures are absent or minimal. They will be a slight swelling and occasional bruising – each patient responds differently – but this will disappear quickly.

All potential side effects will be discussed in full with you at your London FAMI Clinic consultation.
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