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What does FAMI stand for?

When FAMI was first invented, in the 1990s, the acronym stood for Fat Autografting Muscle Injection. However, since 2000, we have been processing the fat that is harvested, in order to obtain more adult stem cells, as this improves the results.

How does FAMI differ from other fat grafting techniques?

With most fat grafting procedures, the fat is positioned just beneath the skin. When Dr Amar invented the FAMI procedure, his idea was to use a specially designed cannula to deliver the fat and adipose stem cells into the vascular bed of the facial muscles, where they have a higher chance of survival.

Another benefit of using the patient’s facial muscles as a template is that it preserves and enhances that person’s natural appearance, rather than positioning additional volume in places where there was none before.

FAMI is a US patented procedure that restores bone, muscle, fat pads and skin in one session.

How long do the effects of FAMI last?

Dr Amar has been performing FAMI treatments for over 15 years – with over 5,000 procedures performed between 1996 and 2010 – and in that time fewer than ten FAMI patients have presented requiring additional treatment.

As the transplanted stem cells are living cells, the rejuvenation process is not a one-off event, but continues over time, so the effects of FAMI should last almost indefinitely.

Is FAMI safer than plastic surgery?

FAMI is much safer than surgical procedures, as it is an injection technique, which does not carry the same risk of damage to nerves, arteries, veins etc as an open surgery procedure.

Can FAMI be performed if I have already had Botox?

Yes. Botox works by paralysing the facial muscles, which can actually cause the face to age more rapidly, as repeated injections can cause the muscles to atrophy.

Sometimes we use Botox before a London FAMI procedure, to ensure the injected stem cells take root.

What happens if I lose or gain weight after FAMI?

Weight loss should no longer have an ageing effect on the face after a FAMI treatment, as the implanted cells will remain in place. Weight gain may even enhance the rejuvenation effect of FAMI.

Why do so few doctors perform the FAMI procedure?

As FAMI is a relatively new technique, developed by Dr Amar after many years of experimentation and practice, information on it cannot be found in the classical medical books. Advanced knowledge of facial anatomy is required in order to perform FAMI and training on cadavers is mandatory as you are not able to train in FAMI on actual patients.

Dr Amar elects to train all FAMI practitioners personally, one by one, to ensure that he is happy with their technique and their understanding, before they can perform the procedure on patients.

Can FAMI be repeated for further rejuvenation?

It is rare that you would need to have FAMI performed twice in the same area of the face – although, rarely, in some very underweight patients a further, reduced, FAMI treatment is authorised after one year.

Some patients are so delighted with the results on their upper face that they elect to return for a further London FAMI procedure on their lower face after a few months, or vice versa.

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