ITV actress and Loose Women chat show panelist Sherrie Hewson, 64, spoke out on Good Morning Britain today about her recent non-surgical facelift.

Sherrie says “Having this procedure has really sold non-invasive treatments to me. I think it’s the future – if I want anything else done this is the way I’ll do it, no question. People should look for alternatives before going straight to surgery.” She previously had a traditional surgical facelift at the age of 50 and had Botox and dermal filler treatments since to maintain her looks.

The actress says she felt great from the first moment she looked into the mirror. “The improvement was immediate, I couldn’t believe what I saw. Before I had a neck which was sagging, like anybody’s is at 64, and I saw the lift in my neck straight away. It lifted my whole profile up and made me feel better immediately.”

“A non-surgical facelift is well worth the money considering it’s done more or less the same thing. And there was no downtime, I just headed home afterwards. That’s how good it was.”

At London FAMI Clinic we offer a non-invasive alternative to a facelift which is carried out under local anaesthetic. FAMI involves the injection of a combination of fat and adult stem cells deep into the facial muscles; these stem cells provide one of the keys to its longevity.

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