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Non Surgical Facelift

Facial surgery to deal with ageing concerns has been performed for many years; the first recorded instances of the facelift date from the beginning of the twentieth century. Surgical technique improved greatly as a result of the damage and destruction caused during the two world wars and in the 1970s a surgeon developed the SMAS technique which tightened underlying muscle structure as well as loose overlying skin.

Natural Facelift UK

In recent years, we have seen the rise of procedures variously dubbed the non surgical facelift or natural facelift. However, there is much confusion about what exactly is a non-surgical facelift.

Aesthetic treatments only

The growth of aesthetic medicine as a lucrative business coupled with the results now achievable with cosmetic treatments, such as dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxing injections, has led cosmetic doctors to try and muscle into the surgical field by offering Non Surgical Facelift London based on a combination of procedures.

Dermal fillers to provide volume, Botox to smooth away dynamic wrinkles and skin rejuvenation treatments to restore a more radiant skin tone; these are all certainly have their place, but patient selection is incredibly important to ensure your expectations are realised. Older patients with more serious ageing related problems may find the results are not worth the still considerable investment.

Also the results are only temporary; depending on placement and product, temporary dermal fillers will need a repeat treatment approximately nine months later and Botox lasts even less time.

The true non-surgical facelift

Dr Roger Amar, a French plastic surgeon, developed the FAMI technique as a solution to many of the reservations he had about facial plastic surgery and its effectiveness. He believes that the surgical facelift did not address many of the changes that occur to the face as you age and often patients were left with a ‘harder’ look rather than the soft, plump contours of youth.

FAMI stands for Facial Autologous Muscular Injection. During the procedure, adult stem cells are taken from a donor site elsewhere on the body, refined and then re-injected into the muscle layer of the face, without the need for any incisions.

It differs from other fat transplant techniques because the facial vascular paths are taken into account and the cells are placed at a depth where bone and muscle tissue can also start to regenerate to provide the structure and support of the face.

FAMI is also an effective treatment for those who have previously undergone a facelift. This patient had been left with a tight, hard expression to the face and FAMI was able to soften the facial features.

The results are of much greater longevity than other fat transplant techniques and temporary dermal fillers because natural tissue is used and placed in such a way that the grafts are retained.

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