Stem Cell Facelift

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Stem cell facelifts rejuvenate your face without surgery. They improve the quality and tightness of the skin, restore the face’s shape and contour, and banish uneven colouring caused by the aging process.

Stem cells are renowned for their powerful regenerative capacity. When they are combined with your own fat and injected into your face, both the cells and adipose tissues work together to improve the texture and appearance of your skin and add missing volume to your face.

The stem cell facelift is an ideal procedure for those who want a more youthful facial appearance without the longer recovery time and potential risks associated with surgical procedures.

Am I a suitable candidate for a stem cell facelift?

If you are in good health and have clear, realistic expectations about the outcome of your treatment, you are a good candidate. Most of our stem cell facelift clients have minor to moderate facial aging that they wish to see corrected, or have undergone surgical facelifts already and want a non-surgical procedure this time.

What is the stem cell facelift procedure?

Stem cell facelifts are performed under local anaesthesia with oral sedation at our London clinic. After making tiny incisions in the natural lines of your face, Dr Amar will inject a mixture of stem cells and enriched fat from your own body into three facial layers. The first will be mid-face, close to the bones, the second is in the facial muscles, and the third is below the skin’s surface.

This three-tiered approach allows the fat to spread more evenly and prevents clumping. A chemical resurfacing of the skin, intended to remove fine lines and stimulate the stem cells, completes the procedure.

In terms of follow-up, patients are advised to undergo a second growth factor injection four or five months after the first procedure to keep the transplanted cells stimulated. A topical DNA cream, available at our clinic, is also recommended to optimise regeneration of the skin and its subsurface.

Most patients recover completely from their stem cell facelift 7 to 10 days later. For the first few days, there is some skin redness and mild swelling. Then the skin surface will gradually shed, and you will notice a dramatic improvement in the tone and quality of your skin, along with a positive difference in the overall contour of your face. At approximately three to four weeks after treatment, the shape and volume of your face stabilises, letting you truly enjoy the amazing results.

Are there any possible complications associated with a stem cell facelift?

Because purified versions of your own fat tissues and stem cells are being used, risks of an allergic reaction are non-existent. You may experience some swelling or bruising around the incision / injection sites, but these symptoms disappear quickly. Complications associated with traditional surgical facelifts are completely absent.

Stem cell facelifts are our specialty and one of our most popular anti-ageing treatments. Contact our London office today to schedule a consultation and prepare to enjoy a fresh, younger-looking face.

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