Treatment in London and Marbella

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The London FAMI Clinic are proud to offer a truly bespoke patient journey from start to finish.

Patients can have their consultation(s) and all follow-up appointments at the London FAMI Clinic, and choose to have their procedure performed either at our luxurious out-patient clinic in central London, at the Amar Clinic in central Marbella or a leading private hospital in London or Marbella.

No aspect of your treatment will be compromised and you will receive the same high level of care in both London and Marbella.

What are the benefits of having my procedure at the Amar Clinic, Marbella?

Healthcare standards in Marbella are very high and the Amar Clinic is a luxurious private clinic located in the centre of Marbella. Procedures are either performed as out-patient operations under local anaesthetic in the clinic or at a leading private hospital, depending on the nature of the procedure. The team at London FAMI Clinic can help organise every aspect of your stay in Marbella.

The London FAMI Clinic and the Amar Clinic in Marbella are under the medical direction of founder Dr Roger Amar and his wife Ghislaine Devico. Dr Amar is a leading French plastic surgeon who is member of the main plastic surgery bodies of many different countries. These include SECPRE in Spain, the SOF.CPRE of France and the ASAPS of the United States.

What if I want to have my procedure in the UK?

Every aspect of the patient journey, from consultation to follow-up can be performed in the UK, at one of London’s most prestigious private plastic surgery clinics. Dr Roger Amar is ably assisted by a highly experienced anaesthetist and nursing team and the standard of patient care is incredibly high.

The clinic is one of the leading day-case surgery clinics in London and many of the procedures that Dr Amar offers, including FAMI, Bleph21 and Pinch Neck Lift, can all be performed as day-case procedures. This means you’ll be able to leave a few hours after your procedure and recover in the comfort of your own home. The clinic is fully approved by the Care Quality Commission.

For more information on the different treatment options, call 0800 612 7475 and speak to one of the team.

All our procedures are carried out in luxurious clinics, offering the
highest standard of patient care, in central London and Marbella.