Here at London FAMI Clinic, our founder Dr Roger Amar is the pioneer of the ‘Pinch Neck Lift‘ – a revolutionary surgical procedure which acts to rejuvenate the neck and jawline by tightening the underlying muscle, rather than just dealing with the outward effects of the problem, as with a standard neck lift.

How does the neck age?

The platysma muscle group, which runs from the chest up the neck and into the jaw, works to hold up the the jawline and neck when we are young and toned, but as we age, these muscles can begin to separate and retract, which causes the visible signs of ageing in this area, such as a double chin, drooping jowls and “turkey neck”.

How can the Pinch Neck Lift help?

During a Pinch Neck Lift operation, Dr Amar makes a small incision around the earlobe. Through this incision, the platysmal muscle can be reached, and Dr Amar stretches this to restore lost tension, and tighten the whole neck and jaw area.

Should there be an excess of fat and skin in the area, this can be removed at the same time, and if the double chin is a particular problem Dr Amar can tackle this during the operation, by making a tiny incision under the chin to release the platysma muscle, causing it to expand and correct the retraction which results in a double chin.

Why choose a Pinch Neck Lift over a standard neck lift?

A standard neck lift deals with the external signs of ageing on the neck and jawline – the excess skin and fat – but may not treat the underlying problem – the slack muscle. The Pinch Neck Lift is a microsurgical procedure, which means all incisions are very small and thus leave minimal scarring.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic as a day case, so you can go home on the day of surgery and downtime is reduced. Results can be seen within two weeks of the surgery.

For more information on the Pinch Neck Lift and the other procedures we offer at London FAMI Clinic, please contact us.