Cosmetic surgery abroad has developed a bad reputation in recent years, as the media has seized upon stories of men and women who have been seduced by the low cost of boob jobs or tummy tucks abroad, only to find themselves at the mercy of less than optimal conditions or surgeons.

Cost should never be a factor when choosing aesthetic procedures. Your criteria for assessing your practitioner should be exactly the same as if choosing a UK practitioner – qualifications, experience and whether they can offer you the results you’re looking for. Your procedure should be performed in a clinic or hospital that fulfils the same standards as those in the UK that are under the control of the Care Quality Commission.

FAMI in London and MarbellaAt London FAMI Clinic we think we offer something truly unique; it is possible to have some or all of your surgical or non-surgical aesthetic procedure performed in the luxurious Amar Clinic in Marbella. Or patients can chose to have their consultations and follow-up appointments in our prestigious cosmetic surgery clinic in central London and the procedure itself in Marbella. Alternatively, every step can be performed in the UK.

The medical and management staff speak excellent English and they can oversee every aspect of your stay in Marbella. Call 0800 612 7475 to speak to one of the team and discover how London FAMI Clinic can offer you a truly bespoke patient experience.