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FAMI™: advanced non-surgical, anti-ageing procedure

Facial rejuvenation without the knife or needle, also known as a non surgical facelift, is possible with FAMI, a innovative and cutting-edge anti-ageing procedure that utilises your own stem cells to restore youthful volume and contours. What sets FAMI apart from surgical and non-surgical alternatives is its results; you look like the person you remember, rather than someone completely different. And as stem cells keep reproducing the results can last indefinitely.


  • FAMI

    Naturally beautiful facial rejuvenation procedure that restores your youthful contours.

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  • Bleph21

    Produces superior anti-ageing results that just can't be achieved by surgery alone.

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  • Pinch Neck Lift

    Innovative technique that restores a taut neckline without the need for major surgery.

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Latest News

Loose Women Host Sherrie Hewson Praises

Posted by August 25th, 2015

ITV actress and Loose Women chat show panelist Sherrie Hewson, 64, spoke out on Good Morning Britain today about her recent non-surgical facelift. Sherrie says “Having this procedure has really sold non-invasive treatments to me. I think it’s the future – if I want anything else done this is the way I’ll do it, no […]


Neck Lift Gains Popularity as a Stand Alone Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

Posted by August 14th, 2015

An elegant neck has long been a coveted feature thanks to such timeless beauties as Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, so it’s no surprise that more and more women are turning to anti-ageing neck procedures. In fact, according to a survey in 2013 face and neck cosmetic procedures were the third most popular amongst men […]


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